The scanner




Principles of the examination
The scanner, also called computed tomography, is a medical imaging technique that uses X-rays as standard X-ray. The transmitter rotates around the patient at the same time as the receptors that are used to measure the X-ray intensity after they have passed through the X-ray. the body. It allows you to make very fine cuts of great anatomical precision. These cuts can be reconstructed in the three planes of space.

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General ultrasound and Doppler

Principles of the examination
Ultrasound is a safe examination without irradiation.This is an examination that is also essential in the first diagnostic approach. Polyclinic Nina has 3 ultrasound rooms. The ultrasound is performed by a radiologist.

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Principles of the examination
It is an X-ray of the breast. It is therefore based on X-rays. This is an examination performed using a dedicated device. It is a radiological examination of choice in breast exploration. It allows to “see” non-detectable breast cancer on palpation, and is central to breast cancer screening. It is often coupled with ultrasound, because the couple “mammography ultrasound” has a good diagnostic efficiency.

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Specialized Radiological Examinations




These examinations are all done in our institution


  • Arthrography
  • Podometry
  • Gonometry (Pangonogram)
  • Pelvimetry and coxometry

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Principles of the examination For a long time radiography was the only and principal means of radiological investigation. Despite the development of more modern means of imaging (ultrasound, scanner and MRI) it keeps a central place in radiology and is often essential in the first diagnostic approach and in monitoring.

The images are produced by X-rays that cross the body and The doses delivered during an examination are low and without risk to health.

The Polyclinic Nina has three digitization systems which allow an improvement of the quality of the images and a diffusion of the images by computer.

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